After striking it rich in Australia, Georgos is back and nothing is going to be the same again. Turning his back on his past, he has a dark visitor to contend with. Played by Georgos Koroneos.


When Death washes up on Kythera's shores with his saxaphone, no-one is safe. But can his prime target win the game of his life and continue the good life? Played by José Lezaeta.


Vassiles'precious grand-daughter has some woes which he is out to fix. But she's the last one to let him lose his head and land in the hillbilly scrap heap... Played by Marianthi.


When Vassilis starts selling weed at the local market, the weirdos of the world start knocking at his door. The Hippie is the first guinea-pig to test the stash...

Played by Will Hudson.

Novice John

At once proud but also troubled by his new role as assistant to the wily Father Inquisitas, the loyal Novice John has a few lessons to learn before the day is out. Played by Jonathan Waters. 


After going along with her brother on his dream to emigrate to Australia, she can't wait to get back to the island. Will she be able to return to her simple old life on the land? Played by Poppy Koroneos.

Blind George

Near the top of the list of Kythera's most memorable fellows is the Blind Taxi Driver. His driving skills are only surpassed by his wit.  Played by Georgos Fatseas.

The Assassin

The island has made some enemies: dark forces from Athens have sent a killer to take out "The Weed King of Kythera." Who can can survive the hired gun? Played by Vassiles Samprakos. 

Almond Man

They say that if you ask three Kytherians directions, they'll all tell you something different. But you only need to ask one when you deal with this wise man! 

Played by Mark Martin.

Father Inquisitas

A master of manipulation, Father Inquisitas is on Kythera to assist the Head Priest in his ingenious but wicked venture. Is the island is at his mercy? Played by Andrew Austin-Hancock


Having returned to Kythera with his tail between his legs,  his best option turns out to be an old shack in with only chickens to keep him company. Played by Giorgos Papageorgiou.

Russian Nurse

With an ice-cold stare and a heart to match, this blond Russian bombshell is Georgos' private nurse and in no mood for shenanigans. But what are her real motives? Played by Katya Sourikova.

Three Italians

Kythera was the last place they intended to visit but fate has landed them on the Island of Love and left them stranded without a bed to sleep in...

Played by Laura, Roberta and Silvia.

Mark & Stuart

Good neighbours are precious, and none more so than Mark and Stuart. Their makeup skills leave the whole island breathless! Mark Holden and Stuart Flemming

Head Priest

As charismatic as he is devious, the Head Priest from St. Bananas in the south has his eye on a forbidden prize. But can his cunning beat the pious Notherners? Played by John Maroulis


Just having landed on the island, the adventurous Miranda is out to find her biological parents, but the only thing she has to go on are some unreliable, and dodgy sources. Played by Ella Cook.


Who needs a loan shark when you have a good-for-nothing nephew like dope-dealer Manolis? Old Vassilis soon finds out when he asks him for a few bucks. Played by John Faros Wilson.


There's something not quite kosher about Myrto's companion Aphrodite. Is this intrepid reporter getting up to something when the island isn't looking? 

Played by Maria Thanas.

Father George

After the challenges he faced in the first film, Father George is back to save his church from a nefarious conspiracy. But his dark past might be his undoing! Played by Petros Tsachalidis.


After surviving the trials and tribulations in the first film, Elpida is back but has no patience for old suitors. She and Vassiles have some discoveries to make instead! Played by Elpida Varoufakis.


Battling along on all fronts, Vassilis needs money for his precious granddaughter's well-being. Weed collection or donkey throwing get pay of in the end? Played by Vasilis Psyliotis.


When she discovers a gravitational anomaly on Kythera, the Mad Professor constructs the ultimate tool to solve the mystery. But not without local help! Played by Michele Haniotis. 


The talented Myrto dives into a new artistic project and has no time for love. And what about the three Italians she picks up on the road mid-summer? Played by Myrto Petrochilou.


The ultimate creation of Kythera's own Mad Professor, S.T.E.L.L.A (Satellite Telemetry Elevation Locater through Light Amplification) is ready for action! Played by a chickenwire robot.


Georgy: Giorgos Papageorgiou

Miranda: Ella Cook

Myrto: Myrto Petrochilou

Poppy: Poppy Koroneou

Georgos: Georgos Koroneos

Vassili: Vassili Psyliotis

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Death: Jose Laezeta-Barria

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Head Priest: John Maroulis

Father Inquisitas: Andrew Austin-Hancock

Novice John: Jonathan Waters

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The Mayor: Tachis 

Blind Taxi Driver: Georgos Koroneos (2)

The Russian Nurse: Katya Sourikova

The Granddaughter: Marianthi Kasimatis 

Laura: Laura Molteni

Roberta: Roberta Barone

Silvia: Silvia Foglia


Mark: Mark Burton

Stuart: Stuart Fleming

The Hippie: Will Hudson

Lorraine: Lorraine Poulos

Panayiota: Spiridoula 

Sotiri: Steffo Protopsaltis

Ireni: Ireni Feros

Manolis: John Wilson

Manolis' Chick: Dara Wilson

The Almond Man: Mark Martin

Woman One: Grigoria Gianniotis

Young Panayiota: Antonia Protopsaltis

Young Woman One: Johanna Protopsaltis

Death Dancer 1: Marie-Hélène Sammut

Death Dancer 2: Sven Graefe

Death Dancer 3: Pia Betton

Ariana: Ariana Waters

Aelyn: Aelyn Waters

Leo: Leo Andonis Waters




Writer/Director: James Prineas

Producer: Louie Betton

Producer: Anthony Cordato

Executive Producer: George Poulos

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Sound Designer: Michael Avery

Director of Photography: Lorens Ragnar

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