The sequel to the award-winning Kythera mon Amour, the ensemble comedy An Island Named Desire takes on the questions raised when returning to one's homeland to find nothing quite the same as it was, or at least as one remembers it! While some of the protagonists land on the island by mistake or desperation, the two memorable heroes of the first film, Georgos and his sister Poppy, love the island as much as they do one another. But that's where their desires divide: while Poppy longs for the the old simple life in the countryside, Georgos has big plans for their new-found wealth! This Greek-Island comedy explodes with the stunning scenery and colourful characters unique to Kythera.



After striking it rich in Australia, Georgos is back and nothing is going to be the same again. Turning his back on his past, he has a dark visitor to contend with. Played by Georgos Koroneos.


After going along with her brother on his dream to emigrate to Australia, she can't wait to get back to the island. Will she be able to return to her simple old life on the land? Played by Poppy Koroneos.


Having returned to Kythera with his tail between his legs,  his best option turns out to be an old shack in the countryside with only chickens to keep him company. Played by Giorgos Papageorgiou.


When Death washes up on Kythera's shores with his saxaphone, no-one is safe. But can his prime target win the game of his life and continue the good life? Played by José Lezaeta.


Just having landed on the island, the adventurous Miranda is out to find her biological parents, but the only thing she has to go on are some unreliable, ambiguous, and dodgy  sources. Played by Ella Cook.


Battling along on all fronts, Vassilis needs money quickly for his precious granddaughter's well-being. Will weed collection or donkey throwing  be the way to do it? Played by the unforgettable Vasilis Psyliotis.

The Film

On the real-life Greek island of Kythera and in An Island named Desire, the island is populated with endlessly colourful characters lovingly devoted to their island, their family and friends, and to the absurd situations which abound. The wacky hand which fate deals the residents day in, day out mean there is never a dull moment! There is only one choice: go with the fantastic flow!